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About Us

Passionate promoters of the #SupportLocal movement, HoodLinkdTM is a proudly South African online directory and initiative centered around local community networking and building strong long-lasting customer-business relationships within neighbourhoods.

HoodLinkdTM is a new, nifty, locally inspired web-based app that connects people with local businesses in a specified area via a comprehensive, yet user-friendly platform. To kick it up a notch, there is no limit to the type or size of the business that can join HoodLinkdTM – opening it up to a wide range and diverse variety of companies to join. From restaurants and bakers to tailors, barbers, and legal services, HoodLinkdTM has it all!

In a nutshell, HoodLinkdTM offers a unique way for small and medium sized businesses from various industries to market their products or services to the people that live and work within their neighbourhoods, while at the same time giving these same people the opportunity to tap into and support their local entrepreneurs and businesses.

HoodLinkdTM is the true epitome of ‘local is lekker’ and is committed to sharing the South African spirit and sentiment “I am because we are” as far and wide as possible.

Why HoodLinkdTM?

HoodLinkdTM is all about “local is lekker” which is why our aim is to connect your business directly to neighbours, customers and other small businesses in your local area. In the process, you help to build stronger links between neighbours and the local economy.



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