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1-Day HAPPINESS workshop with Mark Sham (CT Edition)

11 June 2022 @ 8:30 am - 3:30 pm SAST


After a lot of thought, my team and I have decided to make the next lot of HAPPINESS workshops free to access so they anyone can join without worrying about the financial implication.

The free ticket option will NOT include our HAPPINESS booklet or lunch, and these will be optional extras that are on sale on the day. Alternatively, you can support the event by paying for your ticket. This allows us to keep evolving the workshop into an even greater product!


For most of 2020, I presented a 1-hour talk about HAPPINESS and the response was overwhelming positive. With this in mind, I decided to take things further and create a comprehensive 1-day workshop centred around the topic of HAPPINESS. In 2020, we completed four editions of this workshop, and we got such an amazing response that we decided to continue to host these workshops into the new year.

My goal is to move away from speaking about the science of HAPPINESS, and move toward the practice of HAPPINESS. By hosting this session over a full day, we can really dive into the details of HAPPINESS, and we can actually practice several techniques on the day.

This 1-day HAPPINESS workshop will be taking place at The Capital 15 on Orange Hotel. This event will take place on Saturday, 11 June 2022 from 08h30 to 15h30. The aim is to host a fully interactive, and immersive HAPPINESS experience. And the goal is for you to walk away with a very practical guide on how to be more HAPPY across various aspects of your life.


Well, let’s flip that question on its head. For the longest time, we’ve been wondering why more people don’t study HAPPINESS? Most adults will attend various forms of training for almost every aspect of life but HAPPINESS. So we think there are many reasons why it makes sense to attend a full day event where the sole focus is to work out how to become a happier version of yourself.

On one end, the data and research says that people are becoming less happy as time goes on. Our belief is that this is happening because people haven’t been taught to deal with the rich complexity of the world that we currently live in.

Thanks to technology, the world has more abundance than ever before, and thanks to medical science, people can live longer than ever. Yet more people die from drug and opioid abuse than ever before, and even worse, more people are committing suicide than at any other time in recorded history!

This begs the following questions:

  • Why isn’t happiness a compulsory subject from 1st grade all the way through to graduation? Isn’t happiness something that almost every human being strives toward throughout their life?
  • Why isn’t “relationships with others” a compulsory subject throughout the schooling years? Don’t we all have to co-exist and live with others in every facet of our lives? Why don’t we learn how human beings are different from each other from a mental, emotional, and cultural point of view?
  • Why isn’t “psychology of self” a compulsory subject? We spend our entire lives having a conversation with that little voice inside our heads. Maybe it’s time we taught young people how to tame the monkey mind from a young age.


  • The many reasons why HAPPINESS matters!
  • The world is facing an opioid abuse and suicide pandemic that precedes COVID.
  • The world has become more complex than ever, and we don’t have the necessary systems to deal with this complexity.
  • Decoding how the schooling system didn’t teach us the skills we needed so badly.
  • How we haven’t been taught to have a relationship with others.
  • How we haven’t been taught to have a relationship with ourselves.
  • Soft skills have become CORE skills.
  • The art of studying HAPPINESS informally.
  • There is no silver bullet to HAPPINESS.
  • HAPPINESS is often a practical journey.
  • Better habits lead to a better life.
  • Impact of sleep on HAPPINESS.
  • Impact of movement on HAPPINESS.
  • Our relationship with FOOD.
  • Why meditation makes you a HAPPIER person.
  • Impact of learning on HAPPINESS.
  • How to use informal learning to hack the system of value creation (which leads to HAPPINESS).
  • The link between money and HAPPINESS.
  • How to find your IKIGAI.
  • Why HAPPINESS can only be achieved when you’re clear about what you want.
  • How the stories we tell ourselves in our head leads to HAPPINESS or unhappiness.
  • Spoiler alert: HAPPINESS is a choice.
  • Where you place your attention is where your energy will go.
  • Why affirmations work from a scientific perspective.
  • How we weren’t taught to have a relationship with pain (and how we avoid pain, or numb pain).
  • The difference between being positive and being optimistic.
  • How cognitive dissonance will free you to live a happier life.
  • Life is subjective, and if you can’t learn to let other people see things differently, you will never be happy.
  • Your expectations are hurting you.
  • Comparison is the thief of all joy.
  • How to learn to not care what others think.
  • Empathy is the greatest super power you can learn in this world.
  • The difference between love and attachment and its impact on HAPPINESS.
  • Why gratitude ultimately leads to happiness.
  • How giving is a form of gratitude.
  • How to learn to express your gratitude which matters most.

    Mark is an entrepreneur, writer and speaker. He is the founder and CEO of Suits & Sneakers. Mark loves to travel the world and is hell bent on helping people all over the world become better versions of themselves!


11 June 2022
8:30 am - 3:30 pm SAST
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The Capital 15 on Orange
Orange Street
Gardens, Cape Town, Western Cape 8001 South Africa
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