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Sleekgeek is an online community of support and motivation for your healthy lifestyle goals. We are declaring war on unhealthy living and calling you to join us! If we each take a few small daily actions to eat, move, think, and sleep better while helping or inspiring others to do the same, the ripple effect would be enormous! You can officially join the Sleekgeek Health Revolution and become an Inspirer at ———————- OUR VISION: For homes, schools, and workplaces to be healthy places that enable rather than disable vitality. OUR MISSION: To be the rallying point for this healthy lifestyle revolution. OUR OBJECTIVE: To inspire 1 million people to transform themselves and lead a better quality life. ———————- We mostly operate via our Facebook GROUPS where we have over 100,000 community members across all of our groups. Our main Sleekgeek group can be found at: This is a place that you can come to meet and be around like-minded people, every single day. The kind of people who are going to help you become a better, healthier, and stronger version of yourself. You can ask questions, get help, give help, find inspiration, share your successes, take part in community challenges, and be a part of the Sleekgeek Health Revolution.

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